International Transactions & Deals

By combining objective analysis with specialist industry experience, we help clients evaluate and execute strategic transactions to drive sustainable growth.

Change in business is constant. Regulatory environments, globalization, industry boundaries, and cost pressures are all in perpetual motion, and idleness is never an option. The complexity of managing acquisitions and divestitures, though, can be challenging for even the most experienced corporate leaders. This is why we play a critical role supporting all phases of transactions—before, during, and after—to ensure deals are consistent with corporate strategy and achieve maximum value.


Cross-border Investment & Trade

We assist you with your global commercial aspirations while ensuring that you do not make a bad deal. Doing work internationally is fraught with opportunity, but not without risk of the unknown. In doing business overseas you face new territory, culture, laws, regulations and tax regimes. None of these issues is unfamiliar to us. Our job is to navigate you through the risks of unfamiliarity and provide a soft landing in your new overseas marketplace.


Strategy Advisory

Strategy Advisory is our core strength. With deep experience in various facets of strategy for over 130 years (collective experience), our team brings appropriate experience, relevant subject matter knowledge, best in class network with the right decision makers at the highest level to bring success to your business objectives.

Country Study & Sectorial Reports

We create indepth country analysis reports covering economy, investment environment, social texture, political scenario, legal aspects and relation with other countries. Our reports provide best in class analysis, complete view of the country’s issues & opportunities enabling you to decide your next steps.
We create deep sectoral reports on various industries across healthcare, banking & insurance, technology, agriculture, energy & mining etc.

Market Entry Strategies


Having supported a number of clients, right from SME space to Fortune 100 in successful market entry in new geographies, this continues to be our flagship offering.

We work with you to understand your business strategy and then suitably recommend an approach from the below. Our recommendations are guided only by the probabilities of your success.

  • Joint Venture Approach

  • G2B Approach

  • Strategic Alliance

  • Overseas Investment

Partner Search


Through our extensive and deep network of senior professionals and business owners, we uncover latent opportunities and in the process create strong long term value for our clients.

Overseas Investment


Our intensive understanding of the sector combined with extensive network brings forth value creating international investment opportunities. We take up such opportunities on exclusive basis providing a moat type advantage to our long term clients.


Public Policy Advisory

Today’s constant stream of policy planning, decisions and debate has a profound impact on the people, businesses and industries our clients represent.
We deliver vital support to all stakeholders operating at the intersection of government, business and society. Our experienced team including Advisory Leaders, many of whom have previously held critical positions in government and industry, has expertise in a variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds. We can help you:

  • Assess how government policies may affect business interests – either in advance or real time

  • Guide industries and associations on how to influence, respond and engage in necessary public policy debates

  • Ensure not-for-profits are heard by the right people at the right time

  • Assist government agencies in every step of the policy cycle.


Financial Services

Digital Transformation



Training & Executive Coaching

We assist clients in precise, skill and behavorial based training across various hierarchical levels.  Our executive coaching interventions offer a transformational approach to coaching rather than a transactional approach. This means our coaches work not only at the behaviour level but also at the mindset and beliefs level which is the element that makes the difference between short-term change and long-term transformation.

Subject Matter Training

Executive Education

Executive Coaching